traduceri specializateWe perform translations in the technical, engineering, financial, IT, software, medical, legal fields.

We translate from the following languages into Romanian: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese,
, Catalan, Latin.

Based on your document profile, we select the translator with the corresponding qualification in the field described by the document. This way, we guarantee an exact translation of the ideas and information in your documents.

We collaborate with more than 200 translators with impressive experience in various fields, and with experts in engineering, medicine, economy, law.
We basically involve translators who are native speakers of the target language. This guarantees the quality and accuracy of the translation.

Each translation order is treated as an individual project and managed as such. Your order is taken over by a project manager, who forms the team of translators and experts working on the translation. The project manager also monitors the project evolution from the early stages to the end. Before starting the translation, we go in the finest details through a documentation and research process, considering all the terminology involved in the translation. Subsequently, the translation is checked by proofreaders. At the end, the text is being edited, formatted, the graphic work, if present in the original, is embedded in the translated version, in order to keep consistency with the original, and the final version of the material is sent to the client in electronic format (email or CD/DVD) or as a hard copy.
During the entire translation process, we keep permanent contact with the client, to make sure we fulfill all requirements regarding the terminology, style and format and to clarify eventual problems originating from the translation procedure.

Working tools
- modern hardware and software
- translation memory solutions: Trados
- online dictionaries
- information and data security

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